Supreme Court condemns Mannesmann

Publicado: marzo 24, 2011 en Forbes
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Supreme Court condemns Mannesmann
grant violation of Cerrejon

London / The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom of Great Britain condemned the multinational consortium Britannia Mannesmann Corporation inc., For having violated the treaties to grant benefiting the Spanish group Global Forex Trading on the administrative and financial control of the Colombian multinational mining Cerrejón.

The Supreme Court, after eleven months of litigation conviction rendered against Britannia Mannesmann Corporation inc. and against its leader, the Marquis of Westminster Sir William G. Glottmann, CEO Global Senior British business group, to study the evidence and witness the end of the plaintiffs, Global Forex Trading Group in 2006 and assumed grant under the administrative control and business operations of the multinational mining Colombian Cerrejón LLC., for 16 years.
On April 3, 2010, The Marquis of Westminster Sir William G. Glottmann regained control of Cerrejón LLC using force (attended by the First Division of the Army of Colombia) in the mine facilities (Department of La Guajira) and removed all board members, including his own son, G. Prizzi Glottmann JJ.Carlos Senior Core Business CEO of the company.
Colombian industrialist and heir to the Britannia Mannesmann Canopy Group, Godoy JJ.Carlos Glottmann Prizzi in a poker game against his father, the Marquess of Westminster Sir Glottmann, had acquired 100% of the shares of Cerrejon, transaction which was later authenticated by his father to the main London Ontario.
Three days later, would be signed between Mannesmann Britannia Group (William G. Glottmann) and Global Forex Trading Group (JJ.Carlos G. Prizzi Glottmann), the treaty of concession for 16 years in which Global Forex Trading would have total control operations of the 176 mines globally owned Colombian multinational Cerrejón LLC.

The lawsuit against Mannesmann Group and based on April 7, 2010 was filed by Anndreâ Prizzi Vicentelli global CEO Global Forex Trading (right hand Colombian industrialist Charles Prizzi), Carolina, Mario and Glottmann G. Robinson (sons of the Marquis of Westminster Charles Prizzi’s younger brothers), Richard and Samuel Glottmann Glottmann (the Marquis of Westminster nephews and cousins ​​of Charles Prizzi). Paradoxically, the Colombian businessman G. Prizzi Glottmann JJ.Carlos involved in the case as the most affected by the violation of the agreements, would have refused until the last minute to sign the complaint against his father and from Britannia Mannesmann, but equally their witness was asked repeatedly by the Supreme Court. Testimony, which would validate the claim by his brothers and cousins ​​(Forex Group shareholders), which represents Charles Prizzi universal with 92% of the shares and serves as CEO of Core Business Senior (President of the Council of Governors and Assembly Shareholders) of Global Forex Trading Group Iberia (Madrid, Spain). few days after the filing of the lawsuit filed and against Mannesmann Group, JJ.Carlos G. Prizzi Glottmann – Carlos Prizzi – would have been returned to his father, Sir William G. Glottmann 100% of the shares of Cerrejón voluntarily surrendering LLC their rights and powers over the company. Global Forex Trading is the second largest shareholder in Mannesmann Britannia Corporation inc. with 34% of the shares.

Britannia Mannesmann Group was ordered to pay U.S. $ 1,730 million in damages, a sum that must cancel at Global Forex Trading within 30 calendar days. similarly, the Marquis of Westminster Sir William G. Glottmann, must return to his son, G. JJ.Carlos Glottmann Prizzi, returning in full equity securities (100%) of the company Cerrejón LLC. “All the staff during the administration removed between April 2010 and March 2011 must be restored to its former functions. Finally, Lord Nicholas Phillips, President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom ordered Britannia Mannesmann Corporation inc., Immediate withdrawal of its officers stationed at the mines and offices, plus the total return on the Forex Group term 30 days. Prizzi Anndreä Vicentelli, global CEO of Global Forex Trading (FX group), ratify immediately, tomorrow morning, to Annya Arias Vargas as CEO of Cerrejón (chairman of the board as interim), at the end of the trial between these two great titans of the global economy.



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